Client Testimonials

I just had my first treatment with Lindsay and just like everyone else has said she’s a true healer. Got out of bed today and it’s the best I’ve felt overall probably in years. Which is a lot of progress in one treatment! I’ve been to plenty of other practitioners and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one with so many trade/talents in one person. I’m sure if you are looking for true rehab type work like I need, I doubt you’ll find a better practitioner. Thank you so much for your work so far and I look forward to regular treatment to get me back in the shape I want to be in to train as hard as I want.
I started seeing Lindsey over a year ago for SI joint pain I found instant relief after pain management and Cortizone shots had failed me. A year later, when my husband and I start our journey into pregnancy I knew we’d have a tough go as my hormones were always off and my cycles were extremely long. 

We had an endometriosis surgery planned and before we pulled the trigger I turn to Lindsey for her advice. I started seeing Lindsey consistently once a week as she focus on fertility points to help me shorten and regulate my cycle. 

Within two months I was down from 60 days to 35 days and within three months we were pregnant!!! 

I am 100% convinced I have Lindsey to thank for helping me find the path to motherhood and I am so thankful for the gift she has given my husband and I. 

She’s a true gem of a healer and now a close friend after we’ve all shared a lot with each other during our sessions. 

She’s incredible, passionate, and knowledgeable about what she does and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to poke me!

Lindsey is the consummate professional, well-versed in her craft and extremely knowledgeable. She’s incorporated a variety of techniques which are terrific. I highly recommend Lindsey to anyone who is looking for a full holistic experience.

Wow! I keep thinking about our session thank you so much for helping me. I don’t think you know the gravity of the impact you have on peoples lives when you help with this stuff!
I’ve been having some joint pain I thought I’d give sports medicine a try. I found Lindsay and I was honestly expecting it to be a one-time thing but I kept coming back. Now I’ve been seeing her for over a year. She’s so knowledgeable of the human body and has helped me so much. Not only has she helped to relieve the pain and tightness of my joints and muscles, she always offers me great advice on what I can do at home to take better care of them. Thanks! 

Christina N
I went to Lindsey for help with a carpal tunnel like issue, but when she asked me if I felt pain anywhere else, I began to explain the dull ache on my lower left side that I had dealt with off and on for years. I did describe my symptoms, told her I had been to my doctor, had x-rays twice, an MRI and a sigmoidoscopy trying to figure out what the egg was stemming from. None of the procedures gave me a clear cause of my problem. 

She poked around and said, “Here? What about here?” I was amazed that she was able to find the area so quickly. 

When she worked her magic on the table I could feel the release of the muscles that were causing the ache, I cried because it was then that I realized that all the horrible diseases that I had convinced myself might be happening were not the issue at all and I finally had an answer! 

Thank you, Lindsey, for calming my fears and for giving me the realization that this is something that could be handled without a bunch of radiation and invasive procedures.

Jodi P. 
Are you kidding?! Your education is our blessing! First, you give us the gift of your spiritual intuition and then you give us the gift of your medical expertise. Could we ask for anything more?! Planning to begin regular treatments this fall. I am making a commitment to myself and my health!

You are the best and I am beyond grateful to have followed through with coming to you! For real you are one of the best. I’ve had been to a ton of people and nothing compares to you! 

Genevieve M
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